Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Is it Time for you to get some Tutoring?

Perhaps you have been thinking about getting some tutoring, but are not sure when to come, how many sessions to schedule, how to prepare or what to expect from a tutoring session. Watch the following video to get a better idea about if it's time for you to get some tutoring.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Helpful Tips and Techniques from Successful Tutors

Follow the comments below from Successful Tutors who have managed their way through difficult course work. Read them all, take a few suggestions, and learn from peers who know about where you are and what you may be going through. If you like what you read and would like more information, follow the blog and see what other helpful tips they have to get you through university life! Good luck!

Friday, August 21, 2009

What to Expect from Tutoring

Visiting with a tutor may be a regular practice or it may be your first appointment. In either case it is important to understand what to expect from a tutoring session. A peer tutor is a student, just like you. A peer tutor at the Success Center has been though these tough assignments, quizzes, tests and other materials before and knows what it takes to be successful.

You can expect a peer tutor to hold the topics the two of you discuss in confidence. Peer tutors may ask other tutors for help but will not discuss your business outside of the tutoring environment. We know that it can be difficult to ask someone you do not know for help; therefore we aspire to treat each student with dignity, patience and respect.

Peer tutors at the Success Center will help you polish the study skills you need to be successful including tips on time management, staying focused, avoiding procrastination, textbook reading strategies, memorization and test anxiety. They will help you identify learning obstacles, how to avoid them and enhance your communication skills to better comprehend subjects you may be struggling with.

Mastering Study Skills

Mastering Study Skills
Use these Tips to help you Study Smarter